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Ladijana Vijay

Born: September 6, 1975 in Ljubljana,Slovenija
Previous Name: Catherina Zavodnik
Nationality: Slovenian
Nationality in the heart: Italian, French, Irish, Scotish, bit of Russian and British
Field: Many and diverse fields of arts (painting, printmaking, dancing, sculpture, photography, poetry, graphic and industrial design, writting)
Study Training: Apprentice to Alfredo Bartolomeoli (ITA), Miguel Angel Rios Palomares (ESP), Bruno Missieri (ITA), Bruno C. Bajardi (ITA), Rossano Guerra (ITA), Gustav Gnamuš (SI), Branko Suhy (SI), Bogdan Renko (SI)
Touched by: Movement of High Renaissance
Specialties: The Renaissance, Watching the Stars at Night, Oil painting, Writing, Horse whispering, training my labrador retreiver, Irish dance, Visiting Castles, discovering new cities and places, Poetry, Gardening, Cooking, Herbalism, Graphic arts, Photography
What motivates me is love, life, people relationships, conflicts, loneliness, poetry, renaissance, secrets, codes, smiles on people´s faces, history.


2008 – Finish MA in painting under Professor Gustav Gnamuš and Professor Jožef Muhovič, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana
2007 – Finish pedagogical – andragogical education at Faculty of Education, Ljubljana
2007 – Finish voluntary apprenticeship in arts at Elementary School, Smartno pod Smarno goro (Danilo Cedilnik)
2004 – Training at the printmaking studio under Professor Bruno C. Bajardi and Alfredo Bartolomeoli in Urbino (Italy).
2003 – Finish MA in printmaking under Prossesor Branko Suhy and Professor Jožef Muhovič, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana (Slovenija)
2001 – Training at the printmaking studio under Professor Bruno Missieri, Alfredo Bartolomeoli and Rossano Guerra in Urbino (Italy).
2000 – Training at the printmaking studio under Professor Miguel Angel Rios Palomares and Alfredo Bartolomeoli in Urbino (Italy).
2000 – Frequent a two-year postgraduate course in printmaking under Prossesor Branko Suhy and Professor Jožef Muhovič, finishes Master´s degree in 2003.
1994 – Studying Industrial Design at the Ljubljana Art Academy under Professor Marijan Gnamuš, graduates in 2000


ABOUT THE ARTIST – Ladijana  Vijay

The paintings and graphics of Ladijana Vijay are like a theater of memories in space and time. As a palimpsest they rediscover the secrets of old, forgotten and blurred records in the field of modern technology. The fragile and gracious consistency of expression gives us to understand that they are brilliant creations and the product of absolute dedication, research, aestheticism, experiences and desire.

Ladijana Vijay (6 September 1975, Ljubljana) holds a Master’s Degree in Painting (2008), a Master’s in Traditional Graphic Art (printmaking) (2003) , and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design (2000) at Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Between 2000 and 2004 she upgraded her graphics knowledge in Urbino, Italy.

In 2012 The work from her opus Ripatriarsi-Tribute to Da Vinci, My Face is the prison of Love has been  juried into the Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate the Healing Power of ART” online exhibition, on the theme “Positive Art That Lifts The Spirit”. Her work was one of just 44 works chosen by the jurors from more than 800 entries submitted by artists in 24 countries. (Jurors: Nancy Reyner (artist/author/instructor), Edward Rubin (NY based arts writer/curator, Renee Phillips (Director, Manhattan Arts International/author).

After having been accepted to the most prestigious public call of artists in Northern Europe with Ladijana painting, September among more than 3000 works of art from the entire world, namely to the Forårsudstillingen/Spring Exhibition 2011 in Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, Denmark), she continues her artistic path with a different, much more feminine and subtle energy. Northern light left her a dream. Beauty, poetics and seduction.

In Slovenia and abroad she participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, recently 8th International Printmaking Biennial Douro 2016, Portugalska 2016, 5. Mednarodni likovni festival v Kranju / 5. International Fine Arts Festival Kranj 2016, Razstava slik, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Kranj 2016, Trnovu, ob 30 letnici Finžgarjeve galerije, Ljubljana 2015, Okno umetnosti k sosedu, Generalni konzulat Republike Slovenije, Celovec, Austria 2014.

In her works of art the terms such as the feminine, the mystic, the exciting and the primeval are touched.

Ladijana´s projects incorporate: painting, graphics, writing, poetry, photography, dance, sculpture, concepts and objects.

Her paintings and graphics adorn the homes and business premises of many well-known Slovenians, athletes, economists, and numerous art lovers all over the world.

Since 2002 she has been a member of Ljubljana Fine Artists Society (since 2011 also PR editor for their Facebook group) and a registered independent artist at Slovenian Ministry of Culture, till august 2014 when she interrups the status. In october 2015 she stops being a member of DLUL and becomes a member of Likovno društvo Kranj.

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