Artist statement

Silba, 35 x 45 cm, olje/ oil,  2018, privatna zbirka/ private collection, Slovenija


Over and over again I keep returning to the sea. It has always been present. The high tide that brings – questions/issues. The low tide that reveals – the debris. In between there is time once again, a man’s relationship towards the existence, ways of one’s own activity in space.
A man is constantly tied to its past. Though wishing to eliminate it, it will subconsciously have a strong influence and one shall carry it along into the future not yet begun, to the future in which this man sees new expectations, realisations, even if they seem utopian and unrealistic. The high tide, the low tide – the arrival and departure. Understanding the meaning of losing and letting go , depletion and the disappearing in the consciousness, fading of one’s old, past self and finally – comprehending such an experience.
All this represents a key to understanding of my own existence. Water as a symbol of life, streaming revelation that resembles an equation with two solutions. There are desires, there are fears – and there is love. Death, however, is relative as one cannot pass away in its own future, it has not been verified and it only exists in the world we get to perceive later.
All these questions affect me. They pass through me, they interest me. Who is my father? Who is my teacher? I know only that there is one. He helps me see things I miss and shatters the darkness of my ignorance. It is rather hard to achieve realisation having no teacher to guide you.

The highest calling of my soul is to learn about everything scientific and esoteric. It is knowledge that feeds my soul. I love to read and subjects such as history, science, metaphysics, physics, archaeology and religion fuel my rich imagination with inspiration and ideas. In my works of art the terms such as the feminine, the mystic, the exciting and the primeval are touched. My painting spaces are pure endlessness and unidentified dualities, which seem both new beginnings and ends at the same time. Of a waving nature in their scope, but simultaneously “left alone” in the moment. Similarities with historical examples are thus subconsciously made advantage of, helping me to discover a specific continuity in my own understanding of thinking that is experienced during painting. I comprehensively interweave all of my artistic passions and knowledge into the planning and execution of my visual art projects. Various creative techniques democratically take part in my visual art expression.
My work is characterized by a high-level of poeticism and aesthetisation. What motivates me is love, life, people relationships, conflicts, secrets, smiles on people faces, hystory (there are so many emotions and things).
My projects incorporate: painting, graphics, writing, poetry, photography, dance, video, sculpture, concepts and objects. (July 2013)