Mauro Corradini

Catherina Zavodnik (Lubiana 1975) locks in her own expressive tension with her preference for the enormously lengthened colour and shape of the panel. She burnt the bridges with history and even with the iconic memory, in order to entrust her expressiveness of the marks, the corrosion that acid provokes on the screen, the shapelessness that seems to be an integral part of the actual structure of the panel, without an origin, as if it existed outside of time, since eternity, ceased in its locked casing. In reality,Catherina makes the majority of her research into the corrosion, raising the overall tone of the image; right on the shapelessness, on the indefinite without icons that stretch out and at the same time coagulate, on the borders that shatter and jag, as if the panel was nothing but the unintentional result of time, with its agents, on metal. The patient work, the discomfort of the unfinished, all contributes into giving the images of the Slovene chalcographic engraver a kind of emotional redundancy, that from her research forms the synthesis and the conclusion of the level of pure emotion. Mauro corradini, Brescia, 2004