September, oil on canvas, 70 x 90 cm, 2010

Forårsudstillingen/Spring Exhibition 2011 Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Since 2011 in private collection, Copenhagen, Denmark

Spring Exhibition is one of the most important open submission exhibitions in Northern Europe. My painting September was to reviewed and accepted among over 3000 submitted works

Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen is one of the largest and most beautiful spaces for contemporary art in Europe and the official exhibition gallery of the Royal Danish Academy of Art.

  • foto: Anders Sune Berg
Painting September presents slovenian Secovlje Salina Nature Park which covers about 650 ha along the Slovene-Croatian boundary in the extreme south western part of Slovenia, in the southern part of the Community of Piran. Along the wide channels, the former salt-pan houses are scattered, which with their characteristic appearance co-create the truly unique image of the salina landscape.The main freshwater vein is the Dragonja river, which after few tens of kilometres of its course joins the sea at the Secovlje salt-pans. At Fontanigge, salt-harvesting was abandoned in the 1960s, but the tradition of salt-making, which originates from the 14th century, is still practiced within the Museum of Salt-making. Here, each salt-field used to constitute an independent salt-pan with its own basins for seawater condensation and crystallisation.

The painting has also it´s own poem written on 19.9.2010

i shall love you in the still of our words with no echo
i shall weave my hair into the thoughts you are leaving me
i shall wrap them around the oak tree and gaze into its greatness
i shall write your name on walls with the joyfulness of your grace
i shall sway the boat in half-veiled moonlight
thinking of the sparkles i have caught and then waiting for roots to sprout
the moon will offer me a smile- it will be just the two of us
i shall secretly believe into whisperers of memories robed into lilac and white lace
i shall be walking towards you even when you can no longer hear me
inhaling turquoise in the translucency of the morning
screaming of solitude-everything will come to a halt
a picture on the wall-your hand-a touch
come back home